Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sketching Trains as Early as Age Four

Today we thought we would travel back ninety years in time, to November 24, 1921, when Howard traveled with his parents to the Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Railroad Station. This was Thanksgiving Day, and as they waited in this stone station built in 1912 by the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, Howard sketched trains on a blank note card. Only four years old, even then Howard could capture the essence of a locomotive.

During his 50-year artistic career it is estimated that Howard Fogg completed more than 1,200 paintings. A number of these images continue to be printed in calendars and as greeting cards, but the majority of the original paintings reside in offices, businesses, museums, and the homes of those who loved his ability to capture the emotion of railroading.

Texas & Pacific Railroad “Texas” type 2-10-4 steam locomotive. Watercolor painting by Howard Fogg. Image courtesy of Leanin’ Tree, Inc.


  1. Love the pencil sketches. Wow; 4 years old! Surely good indication of the 1200+ works to come. Will either of you tell the full story of his career as railroad artist? I've scanned the story of his experience as fighter pilot, but find too little about his artistic career.

  2. Jim, it's unlikely we'll delve into a book about his artistic career as The Railroad Artistry of Howard Fogg already captures that so well. Thank you for stopping by!