Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jigsaw puzzles, plates, mugs, and greeting cards also featured Howard Fogg's artwork

Thanks to his artistic ability and engaging personality, Howard Fogg developed numerous friendships throughout his career, from the humblest rail fan to railroad presidents, from fellow painters to artists in music and film.

Magazine articles featured Howard and his work. Limited edition prints were issued periodically. Jigsaw puzzles, porcelain plates and mugs, playing cards, calendars, and greeting cards featured his art. His illustrations graced the covers and contents of multiple railroad books. In later years, books were written about him and his artwork, including The Railroad Artistry of Howard Fogg, written by two of Howard’s most valued friends, Ronald C. Hill and Al Chione.

While there is no formal accounting, it is estimated that Howard completed more than 1,200 paintings over the course of his 50-year career. A number of these images continue to be printed in calendars and as greeting cards, but the majority of the original paintings reside in offices, businesses, museums, and the homes of those who loved his ability to capture the emotion of railroading.


Richard Fogg, with a little help from his father, assembles a 1948 jigsaw puzzle which featured one of Howard's early paintings for ALCO.

And here's the puzzle they're assembling, which we still own...

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