Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22, 1944 Mission

An excerpt from Fogg in the Cockpit, The Wartime Diary of Howard Fogg:

Wednesday, December 22 (1944): Wretham

Fast moving overcast, broke by noon.

Briefing at 1100. Took off at 1215 with Major Richmond, Baldy, and Hagan. Major really flies smooth. I had Randy’s ship, which is damn good. Enjoyed successful ascent thru the clouds. What a gorgeous sight on top. We essed over the second box of 18 B-17s at 27,500 feet. Impressive to see hundreds of B-17s below you against the dazzling white clouds.

Colonel is really happy about the mission. Four aborts in squadron. Whole group off in 6 minutes 35 seconds. Baldy was low on gas, so he peeled off near Yarmouth.

Downing and Hollis saw a couple of bombs yesterday by their ships. Said, “Hell let’s put ‘em on,” so they had ‘em put on. That was crazy-nuts when they were on sweep as spares. They turned around, got lost, landed with the bombs twice, and finally brought ‘em back here. What a crazy outfit.

Got a new pilot today; Drake, from Palisades Park, New Jersey. 43-G (pilot training class) in “C” Flight. He’s bunking with us.

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