Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Sunrise Serenade

Exerpt from Fogg in the Cockpit:

March 26, 1944, East Wretham Airbase

A B-17 from the 452nd buzzes the base, dropping a bottle attached to a handkerchief parachute.

In the bottle, this message: “To the P-47 boys, to you who fly and keep them flying. Many thanks for the wonderful work you are doing for us who are up here in the big ones. You are to all of us a million-dollar sight when you help us on every mission. Again, we the boys of this Fort SUNRISE SERENADE want to thank each and every one of you for your protection of us as we make each mission. Thanks a million. Signed, the crew of the SUNRISE SERENADE”

Although the “P-47 boys” continued to do their job of protecting the SUNRISE SERENADE from enemy fighters, she was brought down by flak over Brussels, Belgium on May 1, 1944. The pilot was killed and the rest of the crew sent to a POW camp.

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