Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 1943

Excerpt from Fogg in the Cockpit, the Wartime Diary of Captain Howard Fogg:

Thanksgiving, November 25, 1943: Wretham

   Beautiful day. Went down to line. Everyone flying. Not me. Hell! Cater flew my ship. Hydraulics out again. Double Hell!
   Turkey for dinner.
   Our “Yanks” GI team beat the “Rebs” in the squadron, in a hot touch football game.
   I went to bed at 6:30 P.M. Bound and determined to go to London tomorrow. Curse this weather, the dampness, cold rooms, poor ventilation.

Wretham Hall, one mile from East Wretham Airfield. “D” Flight 
occupied the 2nd floor room to the right of the entrance.
Archived by Char Baldridge, Historian, 359th Fighter Group Association,
from records at HQ USAF Research Center, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama

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