Thursday, January 3, 2013

Camp Kilmer, New Jersey

Excerpt from the Diary of Lt. Howard Fogg, October 2, 1943: Our route was varied to say the least. First, we traveled to Greenfield, thence Troy, thru Albany, down the West Shore to Weehawken, thru the yards to a junction with the Pennsylvania at Jersey City. A GG1 (Pennsylvania Railroad electric locomotive) hauled us into Kilmer at 4:00 P.M.

To call this place huge is rank understatement. It’s breathtaking, with huge loading platforms, miles of buildings, and more. There are thousands and thousands of men. Every PX is jammed and every theatre full. Really an impressive array of manpower surrounds us, and, for once, efficient Army organization. Excellent food albeit cafeteria style. Good Bachelor Officer Quarters, better than Westover. There’s gambling and cards, galloping dominoes, and streams of whiskey.

U.S. Army Photograph of Camp Kilmer, New Jersey.
Camp Kilmer was a staging area and part of the New York Port of Embarkation for troops heading to the European Theater of Operations. The wooden buildings were painted bright contrasting colors for camouflage, similar to the Dazzle camouflage used on ships during World War I. Over 2.5 million soldiers were processed through Camp Kilmer to the ETO or back home.

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