Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Manifest Spirit

We are pleased to announce the release of:
A Manifest Spirit, The 359th Fighter Group 1943-1945

Relying not on recollections rendered imprecise by the passage of time, or secondhand reports which inevitably lose context, A Manifest Spirit instead presents observations from the group historian, base chaplain, and the fighter pilots themselves, recorded as they occurred during the conflict. The complex operation of a wartime fighter base, the deep satisfaction of a successful mission, and the heartbreak of waiting for pilots that never returned, are presented with the clarity that can only come from contemporaneous reports.

A Manifest Spirit is a tribute to the officers that gave the 359th Fighter Group its organization and direction, the enlisted men who made it work, and above all the pilots, 121 of whom made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of freedom.

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other on-line retailers.


  1. Hello. I'm self-publishing a children's book and would like to include a portion of one of Mr. Fogg's paintings on the cover. I would credit him, of course. Do you know who I might contact for permission? Thank you. Michael at

  2. Do you know anyone who would be interested in purchasing the watercolor Niagara Type 4-8-4 Locomotive, Class S-1-b, on New York Central Train No. 50 -- "The Empire State Express", in the Highlands of the Hudson, 1948 by Howard Fogg or should I list it on a auction site?
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