Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 13, 1943: Got my plane!

Excerpt from Fogg in the Cockpit:

Saturday, November 13, 1943: Wretham

Got my plane!

Captain Pezda of the 370th and I went to Wattisham in the command car. Captain Irvine flew down to lead us back. I have a P-47D-10, 275104, with a P&W (Pratt & Whitney) R-2800-63 engine. Eleven hours on the ship. Flies beautifully. It’s a thousand pounds lighter than the D-2s.

I landed at dusk with field lights after coming in Xtee (cross-wind) first try. First pilot to land with lights here. Captain Malley (Control) all excited. Me too!

Lieutenant Howard Fogg's P-47D-10 Thunderbolt CV-T 42-75104. 
Photo courtesy of Peter Fogg.

East Wretham Airfield, England 5 February 1946
Source: Royal Ordinance Survey. Annotations on photo from
Freeman, Roger A., Airfields Of The Eighth, Then And Now, 1978.
This artistic work created by the
United Kingdom Government is in the public domain

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